HoloPlay is an Android application that allows you to listen to all Youtube music, without cuts, without advertising and without tracking.

HoloPlay uses the APIs of many Invidious instances and offers a modern interface.


Youtube is probably the richest audio platform in the world. Thanks to the magnificent work of the open source project Invidious, HoloPlay allows access without tracking, without advertising and listening in the background without interruption.

  • Search by video and playlist

    Search your video by name or by playlists, and play them !

  • Create your playlists

    Create, edit or remove an unlimited number of playlists

  • Save on favoris

    A screen dedicated to your favorite music

  • Live

    Listening any live without cut

  • Download

    Download video and listening with your favorite player

  • Background mode

    Continue browsing on your mobile while listening to your favorite music

  • Offline

    The latest video is cached ! Stay cool without network :)

  • Work on Android Auto

    Listen your favorite music, even while driving

  • Compatible Android 5+

    Works from Android version 5 and above

  • Theme

    Choose between Dark and Light themes

  • i18n

    Default language is EN, but you can switch on FR language

  • Respect your privacy

    By using Invidious API, all your actions have no tracking, no advertising

  • Open Source

    To ensure security and stability, 100% of HoloPlay source is open

  • Cloud Syncing

    Already a user of one of the Invidious instances ? Add your token and synchronize your favorite sounds on your mobile !

  • Self hosted

    Add your self hosted Invidious instance


HoloPlay has a simple design and only has 5 screens. For now, the app is not optimized for tablet use, but maybe for later ?

  • Dashboard screen
  • Search screen
  • Playlists screen
  • Favoris screen
  • Dashboard dark mode
  • Player
  • Drawler menu
  • Settings screen